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Friday, 19 May 2017

19/May/17 is Summer arriving early

Good morning Cape Breton.

Maximus Handsomius here from my forever home.

The Big Guy was looking at the forecast for today and it's supposed to feel like +30.  We haven't had temps like that in a long time.

I only got to go for a short walk yesterday.  Tonya had to work about 10 hours.  So she was all cramped up when she got home.  But we went for our walk and I was pretty happy about it.  Only 2 blocks last night.  But I can remember last year, when the Big Guy wouldn't have been able to walk that far.  Now he can walk a lot farther.

There was a few people that tooted their horns at us while we were out for my walk.  Sometimes the Big Guy doesn't know the people that are honking their horns and will ask Tonya who that was.

Last night, the Big Guy took me to work to wait for Tonya to get off work.  He let me out of the car and I got to meet a few people.  I got to see Marie, Peggy, Chad, Steve, Mike, and Jeff.  The boys were amazed at how BIG I have grown.  Steve wasn't paying attention to me, to I jumped up and looked him, eye to eye.  I had my paws on his shoulders and then looked him in the eye.  I was REALLY surprised that I jumped up.  When Chad came out, I just laid on the ground while he patted me.

When we came home, they had supper and then went outside to sit to watch the sun set.  Well there was three new ladies that came over to visit with me.  They rubbed me and patted me.  They were really nice.  One of the ladies said that she had 2 St Bernards.  She said that they were much bigger than me.  I've still got some growing to do.  When I am done growing, I wonder if I will be the size of my furry daddy.  He was about 145 pounds.  I am not sure how much I weigh.  Tonya says about 110.  I will find out some day soon as Tonya has to take me to the Vet to get some medicine for fleas.  I don't want to get fleas.

I hope that I can see those ladies again. They were some nice.

Bye bye for now.