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Thursday, 18 January 2018

18/Jan/18 yes I can snore with my eyes open

Good morning Cape Breton.

Maximus Handsomius here from my forever home.

So the Vet has given Tonya and the Big Guy this prescription for pills that calms me down.  Well I get so calm, that when I am inside the house, I feel like sleeping and I am snoring, but my eyes are open.  So I can see and hear Tonya and the Big Guy moving around, but I am so sleepy, that I just don't care what the hell they are up to.

Last night, the Big Guy took a video of me on the back deck.  He thought it was funny to see me sliding around on my IV Bag Booties.  But this time, because there was a lot less snow on the deck, I wasn't sliding around all over the place.  Which to him, was really funny.

I went to see the Vet again yesterday.  She said that my "bad" paw was healing nicely.  Or as nicely as could be expected.  But now my "good" paw is showing signs of opening up and being infected.  So now I got honey bandages on both paws.

It snowed again last night.  Right now, it's still -1, but the temp is supposed to go to +1.  When it gets to that temperature, the snow starts melting.  That means that the Big Guy has a harder time with his snow blower.  That doesn't put him in a good mood.  He would like to go outside RIGHT now.  But RIGHT now is way too early for most people.  I am pretty sure they would start throwing snow balls at him.

The snow is coming off the roof of the house in great big thunderous thumps.  They have a steel roof on the house, and when it snows a lot, the snow eventually just slides off the roof.  Except for the back of the house as they have snow rails to keep the snow in place.  This allows the snow to melt.  Melting snow is "hard" on the Big Guy's snow blower.

Tonya was telling me that there is some big boss guy from work that is coming here from Texas.  But yesterday, he was stuck in Toronto.  Not sure that he is going to make it to Cape Breton with all the snow that we have.  Planes don't fly so well when they have ice and snow built up on their wings.

Well, enough of that, it's time for the Word of the Day.  Today's word is:

Bodkin (noun)

Definition:  a small, pointed instrument for making holes in cloth, leather, etc

Sentence:  After losing weight he used his bodkin to add a new hole in his belt.

My sentence:  With her Dolly Parton figure, her bodkin gets her free drinks at the country bar.

Bye bye fur now.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

17/Jan/18 please, just take me out of my misery

Good morning Cape Breton.

Maximus Handsomius here from my forever home.

Look what they have done to me now.  

They put this Uber Cone over my head.  So now my mussel doesn't reach the end of the cone.  

They have to remove the cone so that I can eat and have some water.  Otherwise, I would starve.  I'm so parched.  Water...  I need water...  so thirsty...

BUT to add insult to injury.  I have to wear these plastic IV Bag Booties when I go outside.  So my back paws are slipping and sliding all over the place.

Just shoot me, like you would a lame horse.

Don't look at me any more.  

I'm hideous.

This morning the Big Guy went outside and shoveled the back deck off.  That took him about 30 minutes.  But the Weather Gods seem to be angry with him.  They are going to give him another 10 cm of snow tonight.  So guess who is going to be shoveling the deck tomorrow morning.  

Well, if you guessed ME, you would be wrong.  


I got paws.  Not hands to operate something like a snow shovel.

Last night, I was all hyper.  Geesh, I haven't been walked in like, FOREVER now.  The Vet said, no walks while I am healing.  Bitch.  So I was getting into everything.  The Big Guy got Tonya to give me a pill with peanut butter on it.  Well I was eager to take that.  This was a tip from Shaun MacKinnon.  I guess Tonya is going to kiss him on the cheek today, for this information.  Well about 30 minutes later, I was VERY relaxed.  No longer hyper at all.

OK, so on to the Word of the Day.  Today's word is:

Compeer (noun)
[kuh m-peer, kom-peer]

Definition: a companion or close associate

Sentence:  He's not just a co-worker, he's a valued compeer.

My sentence: when the Big Guy is driving his car, he compeer's his skills as a driver against everyone else.

Bye bye fur now.

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

16/Jan/18 my paw is infected

Good morning Cape Breton.

Maximus Handsomius here from my forever home.

Happy Birthday to my owner, Tonya.

We went to the Vet yesterday and she was giving shit to my owners for letting me get to my paw.  It's full of infection.  Now my other paw and my neutering incision are fine.  

She said that they let me lick on the bandages and that's why it got infected.  Well that just isn't true.  They would take the cone off my head to give me a rest, but then when they would catch me trying to lick the bandages, the cone would go back on my head.

But I did sorta break the other cone.  So they had to get me a new cone.

Above is the previous cone.  My mussel would go to the end of the cone.

This one is a LOT bigger.  ALSO...  do you see my back paw?  The Vet gave them empty IV bags as booties for my back paws to keep them dry when I go outside.  Obviously with this new larger cone, I can't bring my back paw around to my mouth.  Otherwise, I would be ripping that right off my paw.

The Big Guy was asking me if I wanted to go outside.  Well he had to put this IV Bootie thing on my back paws.  I jumped up on the love seat.  I don't want to go outside any longer.

The Vet gave them some antibiotics and some sort of pill that makes me kinda mellow.  I am so stressed out by all this.  I don't want the IV Booties on.  But I do need to go outside.  WHAT TO DO???  FML

Yesterday was Tonya's day off.  After she gave me my "stress pill", I was so relaxed and comfortable.  She noticed that I was loosing my fur.  So she brushed me.  She was able to take a whole Sobey's Bag of fur off me.  That is a lot of fur.  But I have a lot of spare fur on my body.  If you think I got a lot of fur dropping off my body now, wait till Spring when I molt.  You are going to see fur EVERYWHERE!

In that picture, do you see the Duct Tape on my cone?  The Big Guy put that on the seams of my cone so that it will not be so easily destroyed.  We will see about that.  But I can say this...  this cone is designed differently and the materials it's made of is different.  I don't know why they didn't give them this cone to start with.

We are in for a big snow storm today.  About 25 cm of snow is in the forecast.  That's about 8 inches of the white stuff.  I think that both Tonya and the Big Guy are going to be working from home today.  That is, as long as the power holds out.

OK, on to the Word of the Day.  Today's word is:

Otiose  (adjective)
[oh-see-ohs, oh-tee]

Definition: Lazy: slothful

Sentence:  His parents found his sleeping-in to be otiose

My sentence:  The Big Guy has otiose arthritis in his left knee

Bye bye fur now.

Monday, 15 January 2018

15/Jan/18 cone or not, I want to go for a walk

Good morning Cape Breton.

Maximus Handsomius here from my forever home.

Oh this damn cone they got on my head.  Today's the day that they will be taking this off me.  I really want to go for a walk.

Today I go to the Vet and they will be looking me over.  Once that is done, they will determine if I can go for a walk again.  

If everything goes well, they should be removing the bandages off my back paws and I will be free of this damn cone.

That means I will be able to lick myself again.  Although I can twist my body around so that I can get my back paws up to my mouth. I've been licking at the dressing that is over my paws.  

I know, I know, it is covered so that I don't get any infections.  But still.  Enough is enough already.  I want this cone removed.

BUT, even if the vet says I can go for walks, we are supposed to get a big dump of snow tonight.  They are forecasting about 15 cm.  So that will mean that the Big Guy will be snow blowing the yard tomorrow.  No walks tomorrow morning.  So that could mean walks tomorrow night.

I'm sure if the vet says I'm good to go for walks, I will be going tonight, after the Big Guy gets home from work.  That is unless Tonya tries to take me today while he is at work.

Well, enough about that, it's time for the Word of the Day.  Today's word is:

Adscititious (adjective)
[ad-si-tish-uh s]

Definition:  added or derived from an external source: additional

Sentence:  The testimony was adscititious; the judge believed it to be hearsay, so it was inadmissible. 

My sentence: adscitious till my food bowl is over flowing

Bye bye fur now.