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Monday, 19 June 2017

19/Jun/17 my name is Flower

Good morning Cape Breton.

Maximus Handsomius here from my forever home.

Two things are going to happen.  Either they shorten up on my lead, or I'm going to kill these Hostas.  But the leaves are so nice and cool on my fur.  I just love laying in them.

But every time that I do that, Tonya gets angry with me.

So it was really warm out yesterday.  Well, not as warm as it could be.  I've never lived in the prairies, but I hear that it can get super warm there.

It's supposed to be another warm day today.  I know that the Big Guy doesn't like the cold very much.  So he's happy with the warmer weather.

Yesterday morning it was raining.  But we ended up going for our walk.  The Big Guy wore his jacket.  He was hot and sweaty when he got home.  He should have been like Tonya and only wore a t-shirt.  Oh well, he will know better for today's walk.

I think that the Big Guy is going to stop posting stuff about his Go Fund Me page.  At first, he thought that it would be funny to post something about getting a new BBQ. Then when a couple people donated, he was wow, this could work.  But he hasn't got any other donations since then.

He said that he's going to save his allowance.

So, what's the weather like where you live?

Bye bye for now!