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Saturday, 12 August 2017

EMERGENCY! The Hot Dogs are missing!


The Hot Dogs are MISSING!

About two weeks ago, Tonya and I were at the Supercenter Wal-Mart in Sydney.  I seen that they had this BBQ pack for $25.00.  So I put it in the cart.  
It has 6 Hamburgers.  6 Chicken breasts and 16 Hot Dogs.  

I figured that I would cook the hamburger and the chicken first and come back for the hot dogs.

When I came back inside the house with the finished Hamburgers and Chicken.  I turned to pick up the plate of hot dogs.  Wait, I'm SURE I put the hot dogs right there.

WHERE IS MAX?  He's gone.  I found him hiding in the living room.

Max would have jumped up on the counter and ate 16 raw hot dogs.  Not ON the counter, but his front paws on the counter and back legs on the floor.

I didn't scold him, as it would have been about 20 to 25 minutes since he would have ate the hot dogs.  He wouldn't understand why he was being scolded.  But he knew he screwed up as he was hiding from me.

I got another package of hot dogs from the freezer and cooked them up.

I was going to leave the cooked Hamburgers and Chicken on the stove.

But then it dawned on me.  If he jumped up on the counter to get the hot dogs, what would stop him from jumping up and getting the other stuff from the stove top.

So I put them in the microwave while I went outside to cook the new batch of hot dogs.

When I came in, I found Max in this position.

Obviously he's full.

The hot dogs have been found.

Case closed.