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Sunday, 13 August 2017

13/Aug/17 I need to go outside

Good morning Cape Breton.

Maximus Handsomius here from my forever home.

So as everyone knows, I ate 16 hot dogs for lunch yesterday afternoon.  I wasn't much interested in having supper last night.  Then again, why have kibble when there is delicious hot dogs on the counter.

I bet that's a mistake the Big Guy will never repeat.

Yesterday the Big Guy put my lead on the chain link fence across the yard.  Then he got out his chair saw and cut up the debris that was sculling around in the back yard by the garage.  That's all cleaned up now.  Tonya said that he did a pretty good job at it.

He also cut down the tree that was between his garage and his neighbor's garage.  To get to the tree, he had to walk around his neighbor's house, then across the neighbor's yard and then to the space between the two yards.  So that's OK.  But the first time he went back there, the chain fell off.  So he had to go all the way around, fix the chain saw and back all the way around.  Then the chain was on backwards.  So all the way around, fix it, and back around yet again.  This time, the tree was down.  He still has to go get the tree from the neighbor's yard.  He can't just let it stay there.  He's going to clean it up.

Tonya also got him to clean up her flower beds.  So now they are all chopped up.  Now the beds need to be cleaned up.  He was going to move her little cement fountain.  Some where that I can't get at it.  Then he's going to remove the garden ties that are there and cut them up too.  So he still has a lot of work that needs to be done.

The Big Guy has been trapping the rats that are coming around his yard.  So far, Big Guy 6, Rats 0.

He has made sure to put the rat traps where I can't get to them.  At least that's what he thinks.  I am SURE that if I were to put some effort into it, I would get those traps.

Bye bye for now