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Monday, 17 July 2017

17/Jul/17 swimming at the Bras d'Or Lakes

Good morning Cape Breton.

Maximus Handsomius here from my forever home.

I am hoping that the Big Guy will be uploading my videos and putting them in my Blog today.  Yesterday we went to the Bras d'Or Lakes and I was looking under water for the rocks that they were throwing in the water.  Not many dogs feel comfortable about putting their face underwater.

We went to the Dog Park over at the Open Hearth Park in Sydney.  It was Ribfest yesterday.  So there was a lot of cars parked there.  Thankfully there was ONE spot left open.  We parked there and I ran around for a bit by myself.  This one guy came inside the fence.  We thought he was bringing his dog, but he was just there to dump his garbage.

We came home and the Big Guy cut up a pork loin and BBQ'ed it.  Tonya dropped a few pieces on the floor.  Do NOT tell the Big Guy this.  He thought the pork was too good to share.

They were going to have Clarke and Elaine over for BBQ last night, but Clarke had plans to go visit with his friends.  I know that Tonya was kinda let down with this news.  But he has friends of his own that he likes to visit with.  

The upload for the videos is going SUPER slow.  I will have to get this done for tomorrow's blog.  That is unless you know the youtube site and will be able to see my videos before they get posted.

Bye bye for now.