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Monday, 8 July 2019

8/Jul/19 you really need to look outside with me

Good morning Cape Breton.

Maximus Handsomius here from my forever home.

The Big Guy has heard from my non-furry Memere and my non-furry sister.  They both arrived home safe and sound.

During their trip home, they were under a sever thunderstorm watch.  They didn't know that.  They both knew that it was raining hard.

But my non-furry Memere has put this stuff on her windshield called Rain-X.  It is a polymer that sticks to the windshield that has hydrophobic properties.  That is a big word that means it will repel water as it hits the windshield.  This means, while you are driving your car at highways speeds, the rain will not have the chance to get your windshield wet.  So the rain beads and flies up and over the windshield like air molecules.

If you have never used this stuff, I would highly recommend you get a bottle of it and apply it to the windshield of your car.  Then wait for the next rain storm and take your car out on the highway.  You can turn your windshield wipers OFF while you are driving.

Tonya and the Big Guy came home from work last night.  He turned on the TV and seen that Big Brother was on.  He knew that he was "taping" it and they watched an other program.  When it was over, he went to confirmed that it had taped.  But it wasn't there.  He wasn't too happy about that.  BUT it should be available on demand today or tomorrow.  Well he just checked and it wasn't there.  So I guess he will have to wait till tomorrow to see his precious TV Program.

There is this other TV program that they have been watching.  There is this guy that does construction and he has this program called "Leave it to Brian".  He will select and room in your house and he will fix it up.  So now he got this program called "Island of Brian" and he bought this resourt in the Bahamas and he is fixing it up.  Well he will try to fabricate something and then his wife, who just happens to be a designer, will come in and tell him to change stuff.  AFTER he has already fixed it.  It is so frustrating to watch her.  Now in this program, she is coming across as a real bitch.  There is this C word that the Big Guy would use to describe her.  Oh my, how he doesn't like her.  He knows that it is a TV program and there is supposed to be conflict that gets resolved.  But I don't know how much she is aware of just how badly she is being portrayed in this TV show.

Your Blast From the Past

Your Daily Video - Max our Bernese Mountain Dog having steak for his 3rd birthday

Bye bye fur now

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