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Saturday, 13 July 2019

13/Jul/19 I could be godzilla if there was little toys to play with

Good morning Cape Breton.

Maximus Handsomius here from my forever home.

Did you ever get to play with those little Army men as a child?  Do they even make them?  The Big Guy and his father used to play with them.  Back then, you had to make your own fun.

They would set up armies of these little soldiers on the living room floor.  Then they would get a piece of paper and fold it over many times.  This was the ammunition.  Then, they would get an elastic and hold it between their thumb and forefinger.  The folded piece of paper was then folded over the elastic and then pulled back and released.  This would fly into the army knocking the little soldiers over.

Who ever knocked down all the other little army, was the winner.

The Big Guy NEVER won.

That is just how life was.

Now, as the father, or the grand father, your expected to let the little person win.

Now, children are given participation medals.  They don't keep score when they play games.  They even have graduation when they left the lower grades.

This isn't how real life works.

They are setting up that generation to be so frustrated in real life.  Sometimes you loose.  People will take score.  That is just how life works.  You don't get a participation medal at work.  Your mommy is NOT going to yell at your boss when someone else gets promoted.  

Oh she might, but that wouldn't bode so well.

Perhaps these same people should have had a dog.  I like the participate in ANY game.  I win every time you come home.  Even if you would putting the garbage outside.  I'm just so excited to see you back in the house again.  Yup, just give me a Hot Dog every so often, and I think I just won the food lottery.  A steak is worth a million dollars to me.

Yup, these people really should have had a dog.  Their life would be so much better.

Your Blast From the Past

Your Daily Video - Max our Bernese Mountain Dog having watermellon

Bye bye fur now

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