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Friday, 24 March 2017

24/Mar/17 Spring, where are you already

Good morning Cape Breton.

Maximus Handsomius here from my forever home.

Wasn't it cold outside yesterday?  When it's -10 in Cape Breton, that's like being -40 out in the Prairies.  It is really cold outside.

I didn't go for a walk yesterday cause there was snow on the sidewalks and it was too cold out for the Big Guy and Tonya.  She came home yesterday and she was cold.  So she got right into her flannel PJ's so that she could warm up.  I guess it's different for humans.  I wear my fur coat year round.

But they know NOT to shave me down in the summer.  I don't feel the heat like they do.  My fur keeps me cool in the summer.  Then again, I will likely find a shady spot and just lay in the shade.  But that is MANY days away from now.

Tonya had ordered something in October of last year and it was finally delivered in the mail yesterday.  She said that for the person that it belongs to, they will have to come here to get it.  It doesn't "work" outside of Cape Breton. Some day, I will be able to take a picture of it.  Tonya is always buying stuff.  She says that the Big Guy can buy stuff too if he wants.  But he doesn't always do that.

She seen a pair of Canadian High Top sneakers.  I bet they taste yummy.  It is a red maple leaf on the side of the sneakers, which really looks like a Canadian Flag on the sneakers.  

This year, Canada is going to be 150 years old.  We can go to the park for free this year.  But there isn't a lot of parks around here.  I can only think of Fortress Louisbourg.

Well, I gotta go outside for a bit.  I don't pee indoors any longer.

Bye bye for now.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

23/Mar/17 it's my non-furry Memere's Birthday!

Good morning Cape Breton.

Maximus Handsomius here from my forever home.

If this is a blizzard, I can't wait to see a hurricane.  Then again, I guess it could turn into a blizzard any second now.

But I don't see it happening.

I got to go for another walk last night.  That is the second walk this year.  I REALLY like climbing the snow banks and trying to walk on top of them.  But I tend to fall through the snow and then I am stuck with my legs in the snow and I am up to my belly.  But because I am determined, I just jump my way out.

The Big Guy said that is just like any kid that he knows.  Not happy to just walk on the side walk, but has to climb EVERY snow bank.

I am starting to lift my leg when I pee.  Tonya and the Big Guy were so happy about this.  I think I will lift my leg more often.  I tried to pee on a lot of stuff yesterday while we were out for our walk.  

The Big Guy felt that he could have walked around two blocks, not just the one.  But he said that he doesn't want to push it too hard just yet.  he said that he doesn't want to hurt his knee and then the walks stop again.

During the walk yesterday, I am pretty sure that the Big Guy purposely walked me though the mud.  Tonya didn't like me having mud on my paws.  But then I climbed a few snow banks and my fur was clean again.

Yesterday Tonya shared a meat ball with me.  It was made without bread.  She used smashed up Pork Rinds that was sent to him by his brother that lives in Kingston Ontario.

I wonder if he went to the Costco site, would they have some?  Oh well, next grocery order...

Bye bye for now.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

22/Mar/17 open the door, let me in NOW!

Good morning Cape Breton.

Maximus Handsomius here from my forever home.

I will jump on the door to announce that I want to get back in the house.  Tonya doesn't appreciate this very much.  She is always afraid that I am going to break the glass and get hurt.

Yesterday the Big Guy didn't realize that it was freezing rain most of the day.  So that meant that the trees are full of ice.

Now that the snow is frozen, I wonder if the Big Guy is going to get out his snow blower and move some of the snow.  He just looked at the weathernetwork and they seem to be forecasting for a blizzard.  I guess he better get outside and clean up that yard before the blizzard hits.

Here is some pictures of the trees.  If you click on the picture, it will go full screen so that you can see the pictures a lot better.

 You can see the moon, center right
 He tried to get the icicles and the frozen trees
 Now he got the icycles, but no trees
 Different angle on the trees
 Across the street from Jim's house, tree illuminated by the street light
 Front yard tree, you can't see it that much

Isn't it pretty outside?

The snow is SUPER crunchy as it is so frozen.  The Big Guy hopes that the water managed to get to the bottom and is frozen.  But not so frozen that it can't be shoveled and moved by the snow blower.  Otherwise, what a hot mess this is going to be.

The Big Guy tried to open the front door, and it's frozen shut by the snow.  This will HAVE to be fixed.  He can't abide by not having several escape routes.

Bye bye for now.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

21/Mar/17 it's freezing rain out, glad my fur is thick

Good morning Cape Breton.

Maximus Handsomius here from my forever home.

No walks yesterday.  But you should see the snow on the deck.  AMAZING!  I can't wait for the fence to get in place.  I will be able to run around the WHOLE YARD having fun in the snow.

See how pretty the trees look?  You can see the tips of the branches are covered in ice.

The freezing rain isn't so bad that it's bending the trees and effecting the power lines.  I would imagine, later on, once the sun comes up, it will look so pretty outside.

One of the staff that works with the Big Guy has left work to go to another job.  Everyone is happy for her.  That means they are down 2 bodies at work.  If you count how many staff they had in the past, they are actually down 3.

They are forecasting for some heavy rain this morning.  You know that ALWAYS makes the Big Guy happy.  Then we are due to get some snow later today.  Not a lot, but just enough to cover up the wet heavy snow.  The Big Guy is hoping that we will get some really warm weather to melt all the snow.

Well, the Big Guy is bugging me to be eat this new kibble.  I can't say that I like it that much.  I know that Tonya doesn't like it cause the pieces are smaller and she says they fall out of the side of my mouth when I have it.  The Big Guy said not to put anything else in with my kibble.  When I am hungry enough, I will eat it.  I wonder how he would like it if he could only eat pickles.  I know he doesn't like pickles.

Do you know what he is going to have for breakfast this morning?  He is going to have ribs!  Then he isn't going to give me any.  This Keto WOE is a weird new thing for him.  But since he is loosing the weight, I can't argue the results.

Bye bye for now.